Hott Links: Procrastinators-R-Us

Maybe you haven’t finished your shopping yet, or maybe you have some new gift cards ready to be redeemed, but take note: the day after Xmas is a fantastic time to shop.

Here are some great finds:


Because your Sutter Home White Zinfandel will almost look classy when poured from crystal
Dorset Wine Decanter: $149 $99 [Williams-Sonoma]

— — —


Because you totally need one more uni-tasker taking up room in your drawer
Grapefruit Knife: $18 $13.96 [Sur la table]

— — —


Because it’s $3
Pancake Warmer: $3 [Craig’s List, Columbus]

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  • BS December 28, 2008  

    I try to make alton proud and pretend I don’t need unitaskers, but I’m not gonna lie – my pancakes are cold and my grapefruit unevenly cut.

  • gansie December 28, 2008  

    i actually think grapefruit spoons are a brilliant idea. i hate grapefruit but i use the serrated edge to scrap the peel from ginger, scoop the seeds/pulp out of winter squash and clean up the bad spots on potatoes.

    long live the grapefruit spoon.

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