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– Gansie’s brave admission helped her find plenty of other tupperware-aholics in the ES community.

Farina: I love tupperwares too! I washed and keep all empty bottles and containers for that just-in-case moments. Of course I have lost a few though since I packed hubby’s lunch and sometimes the tupperware doesn’t come home with him. sigh. You are so brave to post the picture of your tupperware cabinet. Im just to ashamed to do it. lol!

EvoDiva:  WAY too funny because I too can relate! Should we start attending regular meetings? I tend to let the finding-a-lid-to-fit frustrations build up until I explode (usually on a morning where I’m running incredibly late and trying to pack my lunch), rip all of the tupperware out of the cabinet and recycle the misfits. Dishwasher is to tupperware lids as laundromat is to socks. How do these things happen?

Michael: The tupperware cabinet is one of the most feared cabinets in my kitchen, topped only by the pots and pans cabinet. Every time I open it, i must mentally prepare myself for the torrent of falling tupperware that is about to engulf me.

– Oh, and to learn how ES has started to creep into our reader’s subconsciousness, be sure to read Yvo’s exchange on the soft-boiled egg post – it’s worth taking a look at in full.

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  • Michael December 27, 2008  

    lol, in the case of the pots and pans cabinet, i have to physically prepare myself. its like jenga. i need the skillet at the bottom of a wobbly tower from which i try to yank it out without the rest toppling all over me.

  • Aviva July 24, 2012  

    Hooray for tupperware! I think there’s some kind of tupperware cult on tumblr, it’s called the Sisterhood of the Lonesome Tupperware or something like that…

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