And You Thought We Were Weird…


We are up for some pretty bizarre eats here at Endless Simmer, but the amazing thing about this world is that no matter how weird you think you are, you can always find someone weirder.

With that in mind, check out WebUrbanist’s amazing list of the 15 strangest themed restaurants in the world.

I’m intrigued about the pitch-black restaurant in China and the robot-staffed eatery in Germany, but could probably skip the human body-themed meal they’ve got going on in Japan. Now if you put a fried egg on top…

Photo: Weird Asia News

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  • gansie December 23, 2008  

    thanks for the shout out

  • Yvo December 24, 2008  

    Pitch black intrigues me (I think there’s one in the US, actually, so there’s no language barrier) because of the implications of truly eating “blindly”… it’d be all about scents, textures (which I adore), temperatures. Wow, to cook for a meal like so? That’d be kind of cool, too… Let’s do one of those!!!

  • Obamafoodorama January 29, 2009  

    We have one of the black-out restaurants in LA…and the waiters are blind too. –Or claim they are, anyway. Went there with a pal and left after appetizers…it was beyond disconcerting to not see what you were eating…we weren’t sure what it was, though it was supposed to be tenderloin wrapped into some kind of festive handroll. The whole thing turned into a “do we trust these strangers” thing rather than a foodie adventure and we decided that nope, we didn’t trust them thar strangers. Decided to have a lights-out dinner at home, which eliminates the are-we-pussies-or-should-we-really-worry? element.

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