Feed Us Back: Eater of the Year Update

As far as we know, no one has ever carved Hezbollah Tofu’s likeness into a cornfield maze.

Julia Child has solidified her second place position in our Eater of the Year awards, but she’s still miles behind Hezbollah Tofu, and Alex is not happy: OMG people don’t STOP being important just because they DIE. SHE WAS A FREAKING SPY. The Mata Hari of duck a l’orange!!! The Tokyo Rose of the tarte tatin! I respect Michael Pollan and all, but seriously, people, we’re vying for legend status here.

And Hezbollah Tofu seems to have developed a nemesis of her own in Matsumi: Don’t get me wrong, I kind of liked the idea behind H. Tofu in the beginning, even if the creator seemed a tad creepily obsessed with the chef she claims to disdain. But that obsession has only escalated into the absurd (no, really, I’m sorry Bourdain won’t sleep with you or killed your puppy or whatever it is he did to incite *that* kind of obsession…maybe you should seek therapy or get a new hobby. Just sayin.)

While Rachel stands by the frontrunner: I love Hezbollah Tofu! It brings a funny and very intelligent approach to one of the most pressing problems around food facing us today. How do you create delicious and wonderful food that is also cruelty free and environmentally friendly? HT encourages people to experiment and create these types of meals and share them with others. Michael Pollan just reports on the problem that HT addresses. As far as the others, Julia Child is dead, Kendra deserves props for embarassing Olive Garden but can’t legitimately be considered an informed eater. And Cindy McCain hasn’t eaten anything since 1987.

Love that last line, Rachel. Don’t know what the eff we’re talking about? Check out the nominees here, and vote below:


Photo: The Ethicurean

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  • Maidelitala December 19, 2008  

    love the caption under the picture, BS. No one will ever accuse you of being non-partisan when you have a dog in the race!

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