Cereal After Squash, Naturally


I’m back!  Well, I’m still coughing my ass off, but I did make it back to the kitchen this weekend.  I eased into the room with a breakfast of favorites for 80 – potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs (in bacon grease) and buttered toast (African whole wheat).  He surely deserved the feast for putting up with my flu infested body for two weeks.

And Sunday night I really reentered the world of food with a feast of vegetables and whole grains, not so much 80’s favorite, but he went with it.  Well, until 10pm when he was hungry again and chowed down on a bowl of cereal.  Not that I’m mad or anything.  I mean, it’s not insulting that mere hours after I feed this boy he goes into the kitchen for a second meal.  Whatever.

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Squash and Spinach with Curry-Ginger Yogurt Sauce

On my last trip to the market I bought a big ole container of yogurt.  When I was sick I couldn’t really get into it and now it’s about to expire, so I had to think of new ways to use it up.  Enter yogurt sauce.  I wanted to make it warm, but it looked like it’d be a pain in the ass (lots of stirring) and I really wasn’t up for that amount of exercise.  So while it may have brought the temperature of the food down, it did add some kick ass flavor that was key to the dish’s success.

I used delicata squash that DAD GANSIE bought for me at a Cherry Hill farm.  And I made it like KOD suggested.  Actually, the whole meal is based on her post, I just added a sauce to go with.  Helps me get 80 to eat something completely vegetarian.

The yogurt sauce: yogurt, about an inch of grated ginger, tablespoon of curry powder, one minced garlic clove, lemon zest, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.  I drizzled that over the roasted squash, sauteed spinach with garlic and brown rice.

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  • Maidelitala December 15, 2008  

    Totally into this. What kinda yogo did you use? greek yogo? full fat plain? 2%? fat free?
    is the garlic minced and raw or cooked?
    tell me more!

  • miked. December 15, 2008  

    that sounds tasty–and worth trying cooked (the sauce) whenever one is up the all that wrist exercise.

    p.s., can i take some credit for curing your plague with my broth? I know correlation ~= causation, but maybe, right?

    p.p.s. W. was an elementary school dodge ball champion–no doubt.

  • gansie December 15, 2008  

    i’ll have to go home and look at the yogurt container, but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t say what kind of fat content is in there.

  • Jen December 15, 2008  

    HA! My bf does the same… Always reaching for the cereal right after I feed him… ;-p

  • Liza December 16, 2008  

    OMG I have a huge container of yogurt that I bought for when my parents came for Thanksgiving – turns out they don’t eat their berries with yogurt. So I’ve been wondering what to do with it (i put it in a smoothie this morning and frankly I thought it ruined it). So this is PERFECT!!! Thank you chef gansie!

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