Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

hezbollah-tofu1.jpg Vs. julia-childz1.jpg

– The vegans are coming! Hezbollah Tofu has jumped out to an early lead in our Eater of the Year awards, although the traditionalists appear to be lining up behind second-place contestant Julia Child.
belmontmedina makes a good point: Um, Julia Child should win by virtue of her Julia Child-ness alone.

–  Heidi is stoked about bacon mac and cheese: Bacon and cheese, a marriage made in heaven! It sounds delicious! And hey, there is a vegetable in there, so it’s healthy!
Although Yvo has a complaint: There isn’t enough cheese in this in my humblest of opinions…
Love you, Yvo – now that’s the kind of criticism we can take!

– And dadgansie is into Liza’s gourmet brie-on-fire:  oh well, at least you were able to save some, who says seared brie isn’t a new item..

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