Trust a Trend, Not a Friend


As unabashed trend followers, we’re suckers for anything phrased in the form ____ is the new ____. So we were stoked to read epicurious’ list of the Top 10 Food Trend Predictions of 2009.

Apparently, molecular gastronomy, Thai food, and Portland, Oregon are out; while rustic food, Peruvian, and Portland, Maine are in. Who knew?!

What food trends would you like to see put to rest in 2009?

Picture: Elephantitits of the mind.

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  • gansie December 8, 2008  

    small plates. i want my own fucking plate and i dont want to share.

  • Maidelitala December 8, 2008  

    you’ll hate me for saying so but: pine nuts

  • miked. December 9, 2008  

    apples on the corner

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