Friday Fuck Ups: How Do You Say Fire in French?


I think Friday Fuck Ups should officially be just called Liza Fuck Ups. Yes, I did this. I caught the brie on fire… And yes, I did this twice in one week… I know…So Vio was hosting an appetizer party to go along with watching top chef, and I decided to bring over a round thing of brie, and top it with crushed pecans and brown sugar – YUM RIGHT! I wanted it to be ooey gooey fresh out of the oven, so I brought it over to Vio’s to heat up there.

My directions said to stick it in the broiler for 3-5 minutes, so I stuck it in, went into the living room and chatted, came back into the kitchen opened up the broiler and OMG!! FLAMES!!! MY BRIE WAS ON FIRE!!! I just sort of sat there staring, not sure what to do, then I mildly shouted umm the brie is on fire!  Fire!

Thank GOD Vio came in and dumped flour on it (as you do with a greese fire I learned) and the flames went out immediately! That could have been VERY VERY bad!!! Not only had I ruined the brie but I had completely smelled up my friends house (and then I proceded to spill not 1, but 2 beers on her rug).

6 days later…

My mom, dad and sister Adrienne came to my apartment for Thanksgiving and I wanted to cook them a feast with appetizers and all.  I want to make the pecan brown sugar covered brie again, because the idea of it sounded so good.  I thought, well maybe it was just Vio’s broiler… maybe in mine the brie will be fine!

I put my sister to work on the brie, hoping that if something happened she could be to blame,  but she was too smart for me because she put it in the oven.  Well I decided no, it says the broiler, let’s put it there, and BAM within literally 30secs, Brie IS ON FIRE AGAIN!

Luckily I caught it early so this one was saved – and my mom told me to just call it Brie Flambe (is that how you spell it!)

Note to self – don’t put cheese in the broiler.

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  • BS December 5, 2008  

    LOL – don’t feel too bad – I almost caught the house on fire making toast in the toaster oven yesterday.

  • Maidelitala December 5, 2008  

    I can’t frackin believe you paused to take a picture when something was on fire in your kicthen! Ummmm… please be mindful of the rad people who live above you 😉

  • Liza December 5, 2008  

    oh the pic was ALL gansie I swear!!! She came running in with the camera (I should have written that in the post hahaah!)

  • Foodista December 5, 2008  

    Happens to the best of us.The great thing about it is you created a new dish 🙂

  • Yvo December 5, 2008  

    Feu = fire en francais…

    Is there a reason it’s catching on fire? That’s what’s got me curious…

  • Liza's sis December 5, 2008  

    It was delicious, and I think it was only that good because it was on fire!

  • miked. December 5, 2008  

    maids–that pic looks like it’s from vio’s… Anyone remember the time j-sizzler started a grease fire there broiling bacon? Liza’s broiler–which used to be my broiler–has the same problem of being quite narrow so things are get pretty close to the gas flame… you could cover it with foil (and maybe remove at the end to get the flambe effect–but please don’t soak in alcohol first)

  • vio December 5, 2008  

    Oh! it was definitely the previous bacon fire that gave me practice for my speedy flour-on-brie this time!

    But I don’t think it was ruined at all! It was so yummy and gooey on the inside!

  • dad gansie December 10, 2008  

    lisa, oh well, at least you were able to save some, who says sceared brie isn’t a new item..
    ask gansie of her broiling /fire experience. i still have the scared pan a a reminder.

    did not have time to take pic and 80 p was not in then either.

    so, all esers’ be careful, do not leave a broiling item, keep an eye on it ( a solid piece of steak is one thing other stuff watch out)
    dad gansie

  • BS December 10, 2008  

    I agree with dad gansie – seared brie is in for 2k9!

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