Me Sick


So I have the flu.  And just like how Sam Jones demanded that Carrie concoct her a drink of Fanta grape soda and cough syrup that her mom used to make for her, we all look to past fixes and future remedies to make us feel better.  And that’s where my ES buds come in.  Sure, I have an Rx for some antibiotics and cough meds and all that crap, but I’m also a believer that food has a lot to do with health.  Please send me your secrets for feeling better.  DYING.

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  • belmontmedina December 4, 2008  

    boil some water with lemons and peeled ginger, and drink with honey and a shot of whiskey. Makes you feel better AND makes you sleep through the worst of it.

  • Maidelitala December 4, 2008  

    make manischewitz’s matzo ball soup package with at least 7 garlic cloves added to the broth: I know it’s totally packaged and cheating.. bla bla bla. When you’re sick, you can’t stand for hours and make bubbi’s recipes, and there is nothing in the world that makes a person feel more cared for and warm on the inside than matzo balls in a deliciously salty broth.

  • Maidelitala December 4, 2008  

    sorry you’re sick 🙁 hope you feel the energy/love I’m sending you across through the cyberjunk

  • Yvo December 4, 2008  

    I hope you feel better…
    Depending on my swallowing ability (cuz of the sickness; sometimes I can’t swallow so well or deal with bits of food), I like a few things. Turkey stock (hope you saved your turkey frame) with noodles, turkey, and some veggies boiled super soft…
    I also like pork bone soup with watercress, a throwback to when I was growing up.
    This soup is also excellent sick or not: (my mom made this for me when I was sick growing up)
    As you can see, I like soup when I’m sick 🙂
    Oh! also, congee, but I don’t have a recipe for that. It’s basically rice gruel… but I have only made it once, and it was disgustingly horrible, so I leave that to my mom or to this one restaurant whose congee I adore (it’s in NYC though).
    Feel better…

  • mailman December 4, 2008  

    the first comment up there was the first thing i thought of too… it’s called a hot toddy, i’m sure you know that. bit of an irish tradition. heat up a bit of lemon juice and honey, then mix in a shot of whiskey (jameson of course) and some hot water. it’s like a hot cup of tea, but with the added benefit of boozin it up in the middle of the morning.

  • BS December 4, 2008  

    I little beer and ice cream couldn’t do any harm

  • Jeb December 4, 2008  

    Gansie, you are not invited to lunch tomorrow if you are sick.

  • rooms December 5, 2008  

    don’t take the antibiotics, the flu is a virus. unless you have a bacterial infection on top of the flu. uggghhh, i hate it when docs give you antibiotics for everything! sorry, pet peeve.
    I’m sorry you are sick, you might as well indulge and eat jello;)

  • Mariah Carey December 9, 2008  

    is THAT what’s going on? I thought you blocked me on gchat or something! Come back!

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