Who Cooked it Better? The Beer Shake

I know this is the time of year when a lot of you start breaking out the Irish coffees, the hot toddies, and the bourbon hot chocolate, but to be honest, those hot drinks just put me to sleep. When you really want a winter pick-me-up, it’s time get cozy by the fire and whip up the most efficient combination of god’s two greatest creations: The Beer Shake. This winter I’m on a search for the best beer shake out there. Which one do you guys think looks tastiest? Or if you know of a better one, holler in the comments.



beer-shake-3.jpg klondike-bar-original.jpgworldwidestout.jpg

The first pic is the Rogue Beer Float from Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland, Oregon.This one starts with an appropriately rich beer (Rogue’s chocolate stout), mixes it with vanilla ice cream, and spikes it off with espresso. I imagine the choco-vanilla combo tastes something like a black-and-white milkshake, only with caffeine and alcohol as well. Hey, if I can get my caffeine buzz, my drunk on, and my dessert in one jar, I’ve just tripled my productivity.

Moving down the West Coast a little bit, San Francisco’s Sauce restaurant serves up another black-and-white original. This one (top right) starts with Guinness, mixes it with vanilla ice cream, then tops it off with fresh cream and white chocolate. (Photo: Sevenworlds16)

Our third entry, from blogger South Hollow, starts with a beautiful beer, Mother’s Milk from Kingston, New York’s Keegan Ales, and gets points for creating two options–a blended shake made from chocolate ice cream, or a simple float: a pint of beer topped with vanilla.

The last entry is from Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach in Queens, which means it’s only available in the summer, but it is so simple-genius that we just had to include it. The Klondike Beer Shake takes two chocolate-covered Klondike Bars and blends them up with  a Dogfish Head World Wide Stout, for a bitter-sweet-rich glass of amazing-ness.

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  • Jessie December 3, 2008  

    Oh wow, looks great! I’m a huge fan of a wintertime Guinness float, so these are right up my alley!

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  • Ali December 3, 2008  

    wow, they all sound pretty good.

    I made one not too long ago. It was delicious.


  • Jill December 3, 2008  

    I really despise beer, but now I might be changing my mind. You have me intrigued. The bitterness of the beer would make an excellent pairing with the sweetness in the ice cream.

  • Gera December 3, 2008  


    As a big fan of beer adorable combination… totally agree with you splendid to have a dessert, caffeine and alcohol all in one jar!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  • Adriana December 3, 2008  

    What is it with booze and chocolate today? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/03/dining/03appe.html?_r=1&ref=dining

    I think we’re going to have to try making Klondike Beer Shake at home soon.

    I love chocolate stout in chili, by the way…

  • Juliet December 3, 2008  

    I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I’m intrigued by the idea of a beer float. I just might have to try one!

  • SAG December 3, 2008  

    stef…. no beamish combo?? what a slap in the face

  • The Duo Dishes December 3, 2008  

    That Vanilla White Chocolate Guinness Shake needs a medal of honor and prestige!

  • Michael December 4, 2008  

    I couldn’t agree more. Dessert, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate all in one? perfect

  • Jessie December 4, 2008  

    OK, I totally gave in and made a few of these tonight! 😀

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

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  • littleredbikecafe December 5, 2008  

    Thanks to everyone who voted. We are truly honored to even be mentioned amongst such ingenious recipes.
    IMPORTANT! If you are trying to make our float at home, remember to pour in the espresso before adding the beer, unless of course you wish to relive that volcano experiment from your junior high science class.

  • Teenage Glutster December 6, 2008  

    damn protestant finders! (21+ rule)

  • Foong December 6, 2008  

    All of it looks so good! I think I’ll go for the vanilla-white chocolate Guinness shake.

  • John Barrie July 1, 2009  

    Hmmm….beer and ice cream huh? Well….uh….what’s the saying? “That’s so crazy it just might work!”…lol….the 4th seems like a good time to try it out, too.

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