• Very Very Good Girl December 1, 2008  

    Umm – I just ate dinner, but I have all those ingredients in my house and want to make it now!! Maybe for breakfast tomorrow…

  • Yvo December 2, 2008  

    Wow I keep forgetting to start adding eggs to everything. It’s an excellent way to boost my protein intake (something I like to do to make me feel like I’m not eating carbs). Except I don’t know, a fried egg on top of my baked ziti tonight might be a bit too weird. Maybe not – tomato sauce, cheese, all go well with egg?

  • Jon December 3, 2008  

    That looks so friggin good. I’m sitting in my office now with no breakfast and this photo makes me hate my life.

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  • Patrick O'Connell May 4, 2009  

    I am looking at these great dishes but there is no recipe to follow it. Where would I find that?

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