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– Jason Q is down to have dinner at Sarah Palin’s house: You know, I can’t stand the woman’s politics, but I’d bet she’s a helluva cook. Moose chili? Hell, I’d eat that all day. And them bones – yeah, I’m sure they’d make an awesome stock. Moose more or less equals venison. Crack ‘em, roast ‘em, and boil ‘em. Tasty.

– Yvo isn’t so happy with our list of google search terms:  Dude, some guy just walked by carrying a banana and I immediately thought, “Ewww…” Sigh. I’ll never think of bananas the same way.

– Belmontmedina  and JoeHoya have some added suggestions for ES Book Club. Thanks guys, we’ve added your books to the list. Maybe we should start an actual food book club?

– Steve On Broadway (SOB) has gossip about one of our White House chef candidates:

Not to quibble, Simmer, but Duffy spells her last name as “L-Y-O-N” – but you got it right that without her endorsement including radio ads in Iowa, Barack Obama may have never made it to the White House. (And as a sidenote, I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner with Duffy and Joe!)

Woah! Let us know how that one goes, SOB – what do Duffy and Joe serve for Chrismas dinner? A butter turkey?

– And MonkeyBoy needs some lamb recipe advice:  I just bought half a lamb from http://www.virginiashirefarms.com Any thoughts on what to do with the kidneys? I’ve seen a recipe for grilled, and I suppose kidney pie too. Anything else?

Um, yeah. I have no clue where to begin with lamb kidneys. Anyone?

(Cutesy/tasty photo of the day: the sea the sea)

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  • gansie November 21, 2008  

    @ monkeyboy

    lancashire hotpot
    stewed kidney
    baked lamb kidney with mushroom

    and you better write us up a post when you complete this daunting task

  • belmontmedina November 21, 2008  

    I am all for forming a book club. I will even make the food for the first meeting!

  • Yvo November 24, 2008  

    If the Book Club meets in NYC, I’m in =D
    I think The Shameless Carnivore is a good add, it actually made me cut back on my meat consumption (to be a more responsible meat eater)

  • BS November 24, 2008  

    maybe a virtual book club so that we all can chat? although then belmont m. can’t cook for us

  • gansie November 24, 2008  

    live blog book club?

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