Top Chef Exit Interview: Oh, That Ostrich Egg


OK, Top Chef fans. We just got off the phone with Jill Snyder–the third chef’testant to say bye-bye this season, and here’s what Baltimore’s finest had to say for herself…

The ostrich egg. Why?
I’d never used ostrich egg before, but I’ve used eggs of course, so I just thought it would be a cool, original ingredient that would make my dish stand out. I guess it was a little too risky.

Have you worked with ostrich eggs again?
Not yet. I was kind of waiting for the show to come on first, but I’ll try it again. Maybe I’ll offer a special at the restaurant.

Your dish. Did it really taste like dog food?
No, I tasted it and I can tell you it definitely did not taste like dog food.  It’s egg, asparagus, mushroom, and cheese. It would be hard to make those flavors taste bad together.

Did you think you were gonna get the boot?

No, I thought Ariane was gonna go, because it’s a cooking show and she didn’t cook anything, and because Padma spit her dish out. We can see the plates coming back, and mine were mostly coming back empty, so I didn’t think I was gonna get kicked off. But I guess it’s all in the judge’s opinion.

How long were you waiting there?
At least a few hours in the stew room, just trying to talk about something else. It’s pretty brutal.

Does it hurt to leave so early?
It’s disappointing because it was so early, so I felt like I didn’t really get a chance to show a good representation of my cooking, to leave an impression of what I can do.

How do you feel about Josh Ozersky from the Feedbag delcaring his love for you?
Someone’s in love with me? Alright! I had no idea. He’s probably disappointed and not in love with me anymore after last night.

Do you read about yourself on the blogs?
I read some of it. My sister and friends send me things. Some of the past contestants told me absolutely not to read the blogs, but I’m gona have to. You gotta laugh at yourself – I’m not that heartbroken.

Would you do TV again?
I was actually really uncomfortable in front of the camera. I think I could do better in an acting situation or a cooking show, where you know what you are going to do. But in the reality show setting, being on the spot and thinking what to say, it was really hard.

Who’s gonna win it all?
A lot of people are more confident, so I think that’s gonna help. Fabio and Stefan have worked all over the world and have a lot of confidence so I think that’s gonna get them far.

Gansie wants to know–where do you buy your headbands?
All over the place, but here’s this really cool little boutique in Baltimore called Double Dutch Boutique.

Photo: Red Maple

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  • alicia November 20, 2008  

    Could you please leave this after the jump from now on? I’m a loyal ES subscriber, but I DVR Top Chef and was planning on watching it tonight, but now you’ve spoiled it for me.

  • gansie November 20, 2008  

    you did not ask the headband Q ?!?!

  • BS November 20, 2008  

    fair enough…we can write these in coming weeks without spoiling the surprise for everyone.

  • gansie November 20, 2008  

    wait, alicia, you’re not live blogging?!?!

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