What Are We Googling?


Endless Simmer has been live for a year and a half now (!) and hundreds of thousands of you have stumbled upon our li’l old blog all sorts of different ways. One thing ya’ll might not realize is that the Google overlords tell us exactly how people are finding our blog and what search terms they use to get here. So gansie, 80p, and I have spent plenty of time over the last 18 months emailing each other and giggling every time someone finds ES by searching “cindy mccain sex bacon” or “giada boobs + fat free brownie.”

I think it’s important that all of you know just what kind of people are reading alongside you, so I’ve decided to invite our readers to share in the fun. Don’t worry, no names will be named. So here are our Top 10 favorite search terms that led readers to ES in November. For each one of these, we somehow come up on the first page of google. Oh, the wonders of the Internets.

PS – you are all perverts!

10. anthony bourdain’s penis – ES Rank: #6

9. gail simmons porn – ES Rank: #9 (although I don’t think it exists)

8. balls in your mouth – ES Rank: #6

7.  nude taco eaters – ES Rank: #7

6. fuck this shit – ES Rank: #6 (well done, gansie..who ever said your dirty mouth couldn’t get you anywhere?)

5. american goat party – ES Rank: #2 (sounds fun)

4. “stuff me”– ES Rank: #8

3. can you put oil on banana and put it in your ass  – ES Rank: #5

2. does ed rendell have an artificial leg – ES Rank: #2 (does he?!?)

1. drink milk from ass – ES Rank: #1

(Photo: GlennFleishman)

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  • Pinch o Minch November 18, 2008  

    Hot dog sushi – ES rank #1.

  • Michael November 19, 2008  

    ha! I call rule 34 on #9.

  • Yvo November 19, 2008  

    #3 really disturbs me and I’m afraid to click to the actual post.
    People come to my site by strange ways too. I guess my readers are a little more prudish though because they Google “Giada deLaurentiis Breasts” instead of tits or boobs. (It’s a chicken recipe I have on my site.) Hehe

  • Yvo November 19, 2008  

    Dude, some guy just walked by carrying a banana and I immediately thought, “Ewww…” Sigh. I’ll never think of bananas the same way.

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