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As you might guess, when we finish our long day in the office here at ES headquarters, we spend our evenings holed up at home reading what others have to say about food. And even though we aren’t huge fans of dead tree media, we’re very proud of our ability to get through entire books, so we wanted to make sure you are all up-to-date on our favorite celebrated food authors, folks like Michael Pollan, Ruth Reichl, and yes, even Padma Lakshmi.

So take a look at our new Book Club page for a gander at the tomes that have been burning holes in our stomachs lately. And if you’ve got other suggestions, be sure to shout ’em out.

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  • belmontmedina November 17, 2008  

    Yes! I love book club! I would like to add “Julie and Julia.”

  • Britannia November 17, 2008  

    This is such a great idea. Are we going to be tested?!?!

    … although, way to highlight the lack of food related books on my shelf.

  • Lisa November 17, 2008  

    Ooh, I love Barbara Kingsolver’s book. It’s on my nightstand right now – I’m re-reading it 🙂

  • JoeHoya November 18, 2008  

    Solid suggestions, all.

    I’d also add:

    David Kamp’s “United States of Arugula” for a good history of American thinking toward food

    Bill Buford’s “Heat” for a well-written look into Mario Batali’s kitchen as well as his influences that’s only tangentially about Batali

    The annually published “Best Food Writing” series, edited by Holly Hughes. These are great collections of short stories, essays, articles and even blog posts that give a terrific overview of what’s being discussed in the food world in any given year. This year’s edition (2008) just came out last month, and it includes one of Tim Carman’s Young & Hungry columns from the Washington City Paper.

  • gansie November 18, 2008  

    that’s super cool that blog posts are included in this series. do you know which blogs?

  • JoeHoya November 19, 2008  

    I haven’t seen the 2008 volume yet, but 2007 included a piece from Steven Shaw that first appeared in eGullet’s The Daily Gullet. It also had pieces from and – more food sites than blogs, per se.

    Amazon’s look inside shows that they’ve got an article from Jane Black at the Washington Post as well as the previously mentioned Carman piece. As far as the internets go, I see something from and something from eGullet. I think that may be it for ’08.

    Endless Simmer and Capital Spice for Best Food Writing 2009…who’s with me?

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