Top Chef Live Blogging Starts Tonight!


Our long summer of discontent is finally over – Top Chef returns tonight!

The reality show is touching down in New York City for its fifth season, and as usual, Endless Simmer will be live blogging this very important breaking news story.

In addition to our always astute analysis, we’ll be sharing some extra gossip from my recent interviews with this season’s cheftestants; we’ll check in with Season 4’s Spike (a live blog fan) who will be twittering his reactions throughout the night; and we’ll have reporters beamed in from around the country via hologram. OK, that last part is a lie, but we will offer tons of exclusive insight you can’t find anywhere else.

ES Sneak Peek: Tonight’s guest judge will be none other than French culinary legend Jean-Georges Vongerichten, which means if any of these youngsters don’t have those classic French techniques down, they could be in big trouble. Looks good for DC’s own Carla, who, as JoeHoya informs us, was trained at Bethesda’s L’Academie de Cuisine.

Make sure to tune into Bravo at 10pm ET, and log on to Endless Simmer as we watch along with you.

Bravo Photo: Michel Lavine

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  • Maidelitala November 12, 2008  

    I know this is gonna make me seem terribly unhip but I’ve been wondering since the Ashley Todd story broke what the frack twittering is. Can someone please explain what it is and how it works and how I became so hopelessly uncool in my late 20s?

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