Hott Links: Endless Applause


Being in the Endless Eater Hall of Fame is no small matter, which is apparent by the crazy amount of emails we get asking what our stars have been up to since their induction.  Here’s a quick update, in order of appearance.

Anthony Bourdain swears his new show is not actually a new show and then compares himself to John McLaughlin.  My love for him just grew stronger.  [Anthony Bourdain]

Bobby C not only makes his own beer (trust us), not only makes his own mustard, but now makes his own beer mustard.  Brilliant!  [Any ideas for dinner?]

JoeHoya is really fucking serious about Thanksgiving.  He’s already smoking and roasting birds (getting visits from the DCFD) and leaving it up to you decide the better method.  [Capital Spice]

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  • BS November 10, 2008  

    god, they should have a show where Anthony Bourdain and John McLaughlin yell at each other for an hour. Now that’s entertainment.

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