Hott Link: “Ralph Nader Can’t Even Get Hummus Right”


OK, I almost don’t want to link to this one b/c I hate to give Ralph Nader press on Election Day, but it’s just too good to pass up. Here’s how the man who couldn’t stop running is raising money for his latest bid. I shit you not, this is from an actual fundraising blog post Nader wrote:

I’ve had a lot of hummus.

Hummus is nutritious.

And delicious.

It makes you stronger and healthier.

… If you donate to Nader/Gonzales by midnight tonight an amount that has the number three in it (three being the number of lemons in my mom’s hummus recipe), we’ll e-mail to you Rose Nader’s hummus recipe tomorrow.

That simple.

Simple, yes, that was the word we were looking for.

And here’s the best part. Via Wonkette:

“FYI I paid $3 for Ralph Nader’s hummus recipe thinking it would make an interesting dish to bring to the election party I’m attending. It is WAY garlicky. It called for four cloves and I put in four cloves but the garlic is so strong it burns. Ralph can’t even get hummus right.”

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