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Now ES has surely given you recipe advice, political advice and feminism advice,  but one thing we haven’t really lectured about was your love life.  Slate, however, gave us an in: humans should be dating locally just as much as they are eating locally.  (No offense BS and Alex!)

The same type of environmental logic has already been applied to our eating habits. The Local Food movement encourages us to cut CO2 emissions by calculating food miles—the distance a meal travels from production to the dinner table—and eating only what’s produced within a 100-mile radius. Isn’t it time for a Date Local movement, too? Let’s start thinking about “sex miles”: Just how far was this person shipped to hook up with you? And how many times more efficient would it be to date someone within a 100-mile radius?

So while you’re slutting it up this Halloween, remember, you’re doing the world a huge eco-favor by getting your ass locally.

Date Local. The case against long-distance relationships [Slate]

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  • 80 Proof October 31, 2008  

    I am 80p and I approve this message.

  • Alex November 1, 2008  

    Oh man, good point. And I’m an environmentalist. Uh-oh.

  • BS November 2, 2008  

    Well I take the train to visit Alex so I’m exempting myself…Also, this argument has the same fundamental flaws as the locavore movement…Just as 20 different farmers driving small batches of produce from their rural farms all the way to your local farmer’s market in the city actually has just as much carbon impact as one provider flying fruit across the country, even if it makes you personally feel better….similarly, taking a cab or driving to see your SO every night is probably cumulatively worse than flying to see them once a month. Don’t be a locawhore – date long distance.

  • Alex November 5, 2008  


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