Friday Fuck Ups: Choked Up

artichoke1.jpg Last week nothing was going right and everything was frustrating me – it was one of those weeks. So what was the the final straw that led to my inevitable breakdown? Stupid fucking dipping sauce for my steamed artichoke.

I didn’t want to go to the store so a mayonnaise dip was out, and I just wasn’t in the mood for butter – I wanted something new, something delicious, something that would bring me out of my terrible funk. So after literally searching for an hour online I found a recipe for Lemon Mustard dip that miraculously included random ingredients in my fridge – corn starch, vegetable broth, garlic, water, pepper, mustard and lemon juice – Easy right?

So I come from a microwave background, and that means I’m used to looking at the list of ingredients and throwing it all in at once, cooking everything together at the same time. Over the years I’ve gotten better now that I actually cook (microwave I still love you though! You’re my girl!) and I thought I had overcome this stupid habit but apparently not. I’m sitting there measuring everything out and dumping it in the sauce pan, not even thinking *hmmm maybe these ingredients don’t all go in at the same time.* It took me until the corn starch turned into little balls floating at the top for me to realize I did something wrong – and yes, of course I was supposed to cook some things first, then mix some ingredients together and add them in later. So I ended up with watery corn starch ball dip and it was absolutely disgusting and completely inedible. I ended up using some horseradish spread to dip the artichoke leaves in, and that was ok – but I still cried!

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  • Summer October 31, 2008  

    Garlic butter. Artichokes are meant to be dipped in garlic butter… the fat doesn’t count when it’s put on a vegetable, of course. And it can be made in the microwave!

  • gansie October 31, 2008  

    liza – i think the microwave is calling your name!

  • BS November 3, 2008  

    Thanks for sharing, Liza. I agree with Summer – this sounds way too complicated, when you can just butter her up and go.

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