Tuesdays for Cocktails


So for my last dining package, I decided to try the new restaurant/bar Commissary, from the group that also owns The Heights.  And you know how I feel about The Heights.  But, hey, the food looked okay, so I invited belmontmedina along to help me review their Happy Hour specials.

Well, I get there first and I’m greeted by these two women:

women: are you here for an “event” ??

me: no

women: the place is closed to the public until 8, but if you would like to talk to the hostess, she’s inside.

me: okay… thanks. [in my head: FUCK!]

So now I call BS and ask what I should do.  This is the ONLY night I have free to check out this place (because I’m a huge procrastinator, I was right up to my deadline.)  And I don’t want to pull the whole *I’m press, I need to get in there STAT* thing.  But, really, there’s no other choice.  Ugh.

So I go see the hostess, tell her I’m reviewing the place for Express and that I could just sit outside or at the bar and taste one drink and one appetizer and I’d be on my way.  She finds the owner/manager (?) and well, he says no and sorry.  So I give them my best *I fucking hate you* smile and say, “I’m sorry too.”

And then I leave and freak the eff out.  So glad I had b-medina with me, as she directed me to a super badass cocktail event at Bar Pilar.

The Hard Stuff: Tuesdays With Adam [Express]

Photo: Michael Temchine/The Washington Post

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  • BS October 28, 2008  

    Love the phrase “It’s fall – get your cocktail on.”
    Hey, that’s a good enough excuse for me.

  • Maidelitala October 29, 2008  

    way to call them out

  • aaron October 29, 2008  

    i hate all of the restaurants that they run – the heights is gross – logan tavern is pretentious.. and gross..

    somehow, the cunty reception you had at this place doesn’t come as a surprise to me. thanks for spreading the word. i’ll be sure not to go to commissary.

  • belmontmedina October 29, 2008  

    I like being emergency cocktail girl. Perhaps that will be my halloween costume.

  • dad gansie October 29, 2008  

    oh well gansie looked what they missed out ….you…we all love you anyway ef them

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