Hott Link: She’s Baaaaack

Top Chef NYC starts in just three weeks! If you don’t believe us, just check out hostrix Padma Lakshmi seductively eating a street pretzel in the video above.

And if you can’t wait to find out about the new cheftestants, you can meet them all in person, this Monday at the “Taste of the Five Boroughs” event in New York’s Grand Central Station. Padma herself will be there, along with Tom C. and Gail Simmons. And of course, ES will be there!

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  • Bob LaGatta October 25, 2008  

    I don’t know on how I stumbled upon this cooking blog., All I know is that I’d better check out the archives for a good read. Ha-ha! Just droppin’ to say hi!
    Oh. You might want to check this out: for uhm…a different “menu.”

  • JoeHoya October 27, 2008  

    SO jealous that you’re going to be at this event, BS!!!

    Elizabeth and I were in New York this weekend and we saw all kinds of advertising for this.

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