Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– You can count on ES readers to out-weird the weirdest costumes. Britannia: My friend went as a wine box last year, and he had real wine coming out of his spout, I wont tell you were his spout was located….

– Meanwhile, Maidelitala laments the tragic Zima news: OMG! That’s one of the first drinks I got drunk on with my college chums. Soooo sad!

And Mariah Carey is getting into the spirit of our newest feature: Friday fuck ups: I have a major eff up – that also includes apples….

I made an apple crisp for my then boyfriend a few years ago. The recipe called for almond liquor but all I could find was almond extract so I used equal parts of it instead. WOW. That apple crisp was SO disgusting – the almond extract took the enamel off our teeth!

I was mortified. Of course, being the sweet guy he is, he asked for seconds.

– But DAD GANSIE takes the cake for, um, calling us fat: yea there are egg beaters. Who knows if it’s worth the switch. It looks good anyway. Exercise more wouldn’t hurt either.

Thanks for the advice, DAD G, but we’ll stick with the real deal. Let us know when egg beaters can make something with a beautiful drippy yolk in the center.

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