Top 10 Weirdest Food Halloween Costumes

We kicked the week off by looking at the top ten cutest food halloween costumes, but for some of you (and us) baby-less, pet-less people, Halloween is less about embarrassing your tiny loved ones, and more about letting your own freak flag fly sky-high. So today, here’s a look at the Top Ten Weirdest Food Halloween Costumes:

10. Real Life Ramen

Via: WTF Costumes

Who does this? And where is the lime-chili shrimp flavor?

9. The T-Boner


The most amazing thing about this ad is that they got the guy to actually pose just as douchebaggy as you would expect someone who bought this costume to look. They say it’s hard to screw up steak, but…well done.

8. Giant Furry Cupcake

Via: Myspace

7. Breakfast of Brains

Via: Chef@isimmer

A little too scary…

6.Baby Burger


Back to the babies for this one. Seriously, who wants to make their child look that edible? And is it bad that I think his little feet look so appetizing?

5. The Entire Meal

Via: Lesterhead

This is one of those costumes that sounds funny in concept but then is just really annoying to wear around all night.

4. Human Big Mac

Via: Halloween Street

You know who else shouldn’t dress as hamburgers? Adults.

3. Chef on a Chicken

Via: Aeria Games

Can anyone explain this one? Totally over my head.

2. American Cheese Slice

Via: Lifehacker

This guy loses points for not showing his face, but we can understand why.

1. Box Wine

Via: Coolest Homemade Costumes

Just so everyone at the party is aware that you are cheap, dorky, and very, very drunk.

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