Can’t Stop the Hoya


Thanks to everyone for participating/voting in our epic Pine Nut Cooking Contest. We had four a-mazing recipes, but everyone’s favorite prototypical Georgetown student ran away with it, concocting a Pine Nut Butter app that should be added to every pignoli-lover’s permanent repetoire.

With 42 percent of the vote, JoeHoya takes home the pint nut crown, avenging his recent runner-up finish in the Spice Master contest.

JoeHoya-be sure to send us your address to receive your free subscription to La Cucina Italiana magazine, and everyone else, check out the newest profile in the Endless Eaters Hall of Fame.

I think this is the closest G-town has come to a major title in a few decades, huh?

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  • gansie October 21, 2008  

    congrats joe hoya!

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