DAD GANSIE Tackles Recipe Writing


If you think BS and I give poor unspecific directions, um, check out this unedited email from ES friend, and my dad, DAD GANSIE:

To: gansie
Subject: Homemade tomato vegetable soup

Cut up fallen tomatoes mostly ones that were not not ripe or partly used…added some evvo mushrooms red peppers kosher salt pepper had some roasted garlic  yellow squash. Pretty tasty even Scott liked it a little to much pepper and garlic for her*   i just cut them up and used a wooden spatula to stir them up no water    should I save you some?


*my mom

and one more thing…


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  • Yvo October 16, 2008  

    Hahahaha when I call my mom for recipes, she always says the same thing: “Oh, you just take some soy sauce… garlic… maybe a little sugar… mix with the cut up chicken/whatever meat… and then ‘chow’ [loosely translated I guess stir fry/sautee?]… you know” It’s like, thanks mom… that doesn’t help at all… cuz I ask for stuff we ate as kids and I don’t always remember what’s IN it, and then she tells me I can use anything – I KNOW, but I want to use what I ate as a kid… sigh.

    Well, good luck to the Phillies! It pains me as a Mets fan (well, what they did extra pains me, ugh) but it would be really nice for a NL team to win the Series… and for one in our division? Why not? 🙂

  • dad gansie October 16, 2008  

    ok it was not formal you know emerald’s the measurements. however, it was about 8-10 tomes, 1 large squash, 2-3 oz. evvo,
    basically it was whatever what was left in the refrig. i can kick myself that this wqs the first time in some 20 years that i tried this…it was/is good cause i’m still ading new stuff to it.

    Yvo we all remember the kinda of stuff and what day we ate ’em …but who knew what was in it… hopefully we can save and continue es ing for a long time for your kids to see it.
    good luck DG

  • SAG October 17, 2008  

    This was very tastey….don’t change a thing (was even good served cold)

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