Liza Enters Vegetarian Land


I’ve never been totally gaga over meat (partly because I have not a clue how to cook a slab of beef) but I definitely never avoided it, nor have I ever considered being vegetarian.  Chicken or some form of meat usually creeps into a lot of my meals.

Little did I know that some random early 1990s PBS documentary called “Diet for a New America” would lead me to a lifestyle change. Watching this doc completely opened my eyes to how our INSANELY high demand for meat is literally destroying our environment.

After watching it, I decided I had to do something, and came up with a plan: I would be a vegetarian…but allow myself one meat day per week. These would usually be saved for social situations so I don’t have to do the whole “Oh I can’t eat that, I’m a vegetarian” bit (or for an intense craving that won’t go away).

I’ve found that, for me, it’s been the hardest to be vegetarian at Mexican restaurants and, for some reason, when I’m hungover. But really besides that it has been pretty easy and kind of awesome! I’m cooking a lot more and trying recipes I would have never even considered before!

So, I, Liza, challenge you to help alleviate this high demand for meat, even if you just go veg just one day a week, so that we can help our dear mother earth… and perhaps concoct some new badass vegetarian recipes along the way!

[youtube D4xbsoWpD58]

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  • BS October 14, 2008  

    yes, but is there anything veggie that can be made in three seconds?

  • gansie October 14, 2008  

    i cannot tell a lie – i’ve been getting into the veggie movement as well.
    i blame michael pollan. but more on that later.

  • dad gansie October 15, 2008  

    cut a tomatoe and and pop in mouth

  • erica October 15, 2008  

    dad gansie: win!
    I had to chime in here, was going to say apples, bananas, carrots. etc. plus you don’t have to sanitize anything, which I like. My cats eat raw meat and cleaning up the grinder is a b*tch!

  • Maids August 27, 2009  

    Liza! those are pattypans in this picture!!!!!!!!!!!

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