• Pandora October 13, 2008  

    Really? Columbus discovered the gourd? Oh I guess. I guess you could attribute discovery of a whole host of new world foods to that man. I suppose you could even say he discovered the indians, discovered how to enslave them, discovered how to rape indian women, and sell the new world as a land for the taking. but really he discovered, as many greedy historical winners have before him and many more after him, how to paint himself as enlightened forward-thinking man, motivated by altruism and goodwill, when he was really just the first in a long line of conquistadores who came to the new world, ravaged the land, raped the people, and claimed their knowledge as his own.

  • Maidelitala October 13, 2008  

    You’re yanking our chains! Do you mean the Pumpkin? If so pretty sure pumpkins were discovered by some person other than Columbus, because the domestication of pumpkin plants has been traced back to 700 B.C. mexico… The common gourds, bottle gourds, were in Africa and Asia before 1492: cool article on the mystery of how they were transported over to the new world by Paleo-indian people about 10,000 years ago.

  • BS October 13, 2008  

    Wow! I had no idea this would prove to be such a controversial post. Nice one 80.

  • 80 Proof October 13, 2008  


    When have I ever tried to be truthful on this blog.

    Pandora, meet Snark. Snark, meet Pandora.

  • Tom Aarons October 14, 2008  

    What a radiantly beautiful photo! 🙂

  • gansie October 14, 2008  

    and how crazy are those white pumpkins

  • Maidelitala October 14, 2008  

    they are really pretty. What are they like on the inside?

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