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– All you egg-haters had your chance, but it looks like gansie’s yolk porn money shots are going to continue here on ES, as 75 percent of you, so far, have said yes to yolk.

Actually, the egg vote inspired quite a bit of conversation on topics from arugula (Maidelitala: Is Kale an elitist vegetable like arugula?) to pizza (Mariah Carey: “So, I was at dinner with friends last month and the menu had tons of pizzas on it with the option of egg on top. When I contemplated adding the egg out loud, my thought was met with tons of “gags” and grimaces. I rarely see the ‘add egg’ option, so I’m wondering if this is an East Coast delicacy more than a West….”

I still can’t believe Mariah Carey actually comments on ES, but it’s good to see she has time to address the important issues. Anyway: fried egg pizza. Nasty/Tasty? Chime in with your thoughts.

– In other contest news, JoeHoya is out to an early lead in the Pine Nut Cooking Contest. Vote Now. And in case you missed it, Alex Vanderlay has a quick-fix bonus recipe:

Very simple,
-Mix 2/3 freshly toasted pine nuts with 1/3 grated Parmesan in a mortar and pestle.
-Shape into flattened cracker shapes and bake at 165 Celsius for twenty minutes.
-Serve with wine and cheese.


– And, if only to continue our Liza-baiting, I wanted to make sure everyone caught 80p’s joke from last week’s Feed Us Back:

Q: Why doesn’t Texas fall into Mexico?

A: Because Oklahoma sucks.

I kid I kid.

Photo: Justin

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  • Maidelitala October 10, 2008  

    Not wanting an egg on top of everything a eat doesn’t make me an egg hater.

  • Maidelitala October 10, 2008  

    *I eat

  • JoeHoya October 11, 2008  

    If you keep Liza-baiting like that, you’re going to go blind.

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