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So I get both Bon Appetite and Gourmet every month.  It’s way too many words for me to actually get through in thirty days.  They pile up and all of a sudden it’s October and I still haven’t opened up May’s issues.  It gets worse.  Whenever I’m home, DAD GANSIE gives me his stack of Cooking Lights and just this weekend, I sent in a check to get Cook’s Illustrated once again.  Too many magazines, an entire bookshelf dedicated to cook books, and I still never follow recipes.

But once in a while, when I get around to going through my mags (usually it’s before I see BS, as he is the recipient of my used publications) I find something I like and I actually cook it.  Most torn-out recipes end up in my never-organized binder of clippings.  That I never check.

With my new found taste for yogurt, and a few cucumbers from the farmers market, I had what I needed for Gourmet’s yogurt dipping sauce.  Shockingly, I actually followed the directions, except I made less of the sauce than the three cups of yogurt.   You can find the recipe here, and what Gourmet thinks it pairs with here, but it’s also good as a spread on tomatoes, topped with a cumber, wrapped in lox.

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  • BS October 6, 2008  

    so are you a cucumber convert now???

  • gansie October 6, 2008  

    i still totally hate them in salads and sandwiches, but i like to use them as an alternative to pita chips sometimes. i am open to other uses for the cukes though. suggestions?

  • 80 Proof October 7, 2008  

    still not a cucumber convert myself. I try, I really do, but they have a funny taste. The yogurt sauce was great, but it wasn’t enough to mask my dislike.

    Maybe we could deep fry them next time? 🙂

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