Jr. Chefs Of America

the year of the cock

Generic Chinese Restaurant
Cherry Hill, NJ

So it’s my first time at a Chinese place.  I’m terrified.  And I’m so young that I don’t even see the humor of being born in the Year of the Cock.

I look at the menu, although I already know I don’t have to order anything.  And I didn’t.  My parents sneaked in chicken nuggets and fries.  But I did secretly enjoy a spoonful of my Oma’s egg drop soup. (I liked something egg-related, shocking, I know.)

This horrifying tale of childhood fussiness is to say, kids sure are different these days.

Meet Thomas.  He’s a Jr. Chef of America.  And he can whip up a serious Mac Attack.

Cooking for Kids: ‘Jr. Chefs of America’ [Express]

L’shanah Tovah

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  • Maidelitala September 30, 2008  

    L’shanah tovah tikatevi v’taihatemi, lady… Always liked chinese food as a kid, never was one of those kids whose parents had to worry about getting a burger for at an “ethnic restaurant.” Apparently the explanation for fussy kiddos is that they have super sensitive palates that are geared more toward enjoying breast milk than chowing down on some gingery garlicly soy-saucey blissfulness

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