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Forget Ice Cream! You guys were all over Maidelitala’s Tofutti Cutie plug:

Liza: “I was a lactard as a child, and I depended on Tofutti (yes tofutti “ice cream” did exist in the 80s) so I was delighted to see this childhood favorite back and in “cutie” form. (and because when I was little I thought Tofutti was a silly word and it made me laugh when I saw it again) I’m addicted!!!!”

JoeHoya offers up an alternative: “I still prefer Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches…only 10 more calories and 6 more grams of sugar, but 4 fewer grams of fat and more protein and fiber. Plus they come in mint and chocolate/peanut butter!”

And Sarabelle has another: “I have to say, my fave dairy free ice cream is SO purely decadent coconut milk dairy free ice cream. so yummy. They also have lowfat so delicious ice cream sandwiches, you have to try them. Thanks gansie for addressing the needs of the lactose challenged! Any idea why people grow into lactose intolerance?”

Back in the world of real dairy, Liza also sides with gansie on toning down the fancy cheese scene:

“I HATE stinky cheeses – yeah give me the plain jane stuff it that’s what you want to call it.”

And Maidelitala knew her cheddar comments were bound to start a fight: “Wisconsites don’t know shit about extra sharp cheddar. I went to school in MN and I was roundly disappointed by the bland Wisconsin cheeses we got up there. The best you could do was get a black diamond cheddar from Canada. Vermont cheddar (I mean cabot… the most ubiquitous of cheddars on the East Coast) has never touched ground in the Northern midwest. Maybe that’s why I’m a lactard now. Maybe my body is punishing me for years of having to resignedly eat bland Wisconsin cheese while craving the bite of a good extra sharp VT cheddar. Sigh”

– In other snack-y news, Alex delivers in response to my query about what the whole point of ridged potato chips is anyway: ” As any sciencey person can tell you, the goal of ridges in all areas of life and the human body is to increase surface area. So by introducing them to their chips, they can pack more salt and other flavorings into the same-sized bite, and thus get you thinking that their product is more flavorful, when actually you’re just eating more per bite. And now that we know that it’s all malowhateverblah, which probably gives you cancer or makes you turn green or something, I would be wary of the ridges. It’s also a marketing ploy. Never liked Ruffles anyway.”

But Jeb will not be deterred: “I love potato chips. I love all kinds. Ridges, extra thin, kettle…you name it, EXCEPT baked. As far as I’m concerned baked potato chips shouldn’t be called potato chips.”

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  • Maidelitala September 30, 2008  

    I followed Sarabelle’s advice and went out and got the SO Delicious Soy Ice Cream sandwiches… I don’t know… not sure I agree, Sarabelle. The “ice cream” texture is definitely less fluffy than that of the cuties… although you do get to consume an entire ice cream bar rather than the half-pint cutie sized bars…. and you get the added bonus of the bar being lower in fat (not sure the fat to taste ratio makes that worth it, hwoever)

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