Hott Links: Candidates in the Hott Seat


If it’s crunch time in campaign season, the candidates must be ready to meet the press. And by press, we mean fluffy food TV hosts. Who cares about economic collapse when John McCain has more important things to discuss, like where he’s gonna install the new BBQs at Camp David.

– McCain and wife Cindy were in the hot seat on the Rachel Ray show this week. Unfortunately, RayRay did not confront the McCains about those stolen recipes. [Just Jared]

– And the Obamas aren’t avoiding the tough food questions, either. Michelle Obama recently sat down with the butter-fried deity herself, Paula Deen, for an upcoming episode. [Jaunted]

But the US is by no means the political-food capital of the world. Check out this stories from around the globe…

– Thailand recently established itself as the coolest country on the planet by naming a TV cooking host “the Thai Emeril,” as Prime Minister. But it turns out being a TV chef/leader of the country was actually against the law, and he was forced to resign–just for cooking up a little sausage on TV! [NY Times]

Finally, you gotta love this video of the Georgia president chowing down on his tie. Yum. [LiveLeak]

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