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– Bobby has taken a commanding lead in the Spice Master Who Cooked It Better, but  it ain’t over ’til it’s over – you’ve still got a couple days left, so make sure to cast your vote. Don’t forget to catch the mudslinging.

JoeHoya: My opponent’s dish represents four more meals of the same Middle East strategy.

We hear some shady 527’s are planning last-minute anti-Rosemary push polls.

– Meanwhile, I still don’t know who to believe in the whole raw milk debate:

Jenny: the benefits of raw milk have been illustrated in several studies and the risk of pathogens is incredibly low in raw milk from clean dairies. Pasteurization is simply an excuse to produce dirty milk.

Nikki: So what does raw milk have that pasteurized milk doesn’t…that I NEED to have in order to lead a healthful, fulfilled life? And can I get these properties from another source? Does it have to be dirty milk? And yes, it is dirty. Raw=dirty.

Fearless Kitchen: I’m pretty opposed to government interference in matters of personal choice. If someone wants to drink raw milk I have no problem with their drinking raw milk, with the caveat that they need to know what they’re getting into. And I do like raw milk cheese, proximity to cow hiney notwithstanding. I wouldn’t eat it if my immune system were compromised or if I were expecting or something like that, but since none of these are the case… As for drinking, I’ll stick to beer. Solves the problem for me!

Finally, Rooms digs back to Sarah Palin’s recipes and brings us some much-need scientific knowledge:

FYI, bear liver is super high in vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin. Fat soluble vitamins don’t get peed out if you have too much (like water soluble vitamins) so you can OD on them. So eating too much fried polar bear liver might kill her!! You’ll just have to decide for yourself whether those are exclamation points of concern or excitement. Needless to say, I voted for the bear liver;)

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  • gansie September 19, 2008  

    what other animals have fat soluble vitamins? want to make sure i’m avoiding potentially harmful livers.

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