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If it’s late September, it must be that time of year when your ES editors are having a rare harsh disagreement. No, it’s not chocolate vs. vanilla, but a much more serious and long-lasting feud: Mets vs. Phillies. Or rather, will the Mets bullpen choke/the Phillies get FREAKING LUCKY again.

OK, enough of that. I only bring this up to point out the most important development in Major League Baseball since Stadium Mustard. His name is ‘Dre and he might just make us all Dodger fans…

Outfielder Andre Ethier is the NL’s breakthrough player of the year, batting an even .300, swatting 20 homers, and recently named NL Player of the Week after driving in 8 RBI’s for the division-leading Dodgers. And he’s a food blogger!

But this is no tongue-in-cheek self-centered food blogging, a la John Mayer. On Dining with ‘Dre, Ethier takes us on a tour of LA’s best food joints, from sushi to paella. And he’s freaking hilarious. Check out his thoughts on on pizza...

I am a thin-crust guy (I know, I know, but the argument ends there with me. There will be no discussions or persuading me on this. I just don’t see the point to overwhelm a slice with all that bread). Anyway, carbs are out people! Get with it…thin’s in. The battle on this topic will rage on, but I won’t hear it!

How great is this guy? Go Bums!

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  • Yvo September 18, 2008  

    OMG, I read that yesterday and was totally blown away. I was like “When will DW stop hanging with that model and start food blogging…?” Hahaa. Although dude needs to stop eating her food as well as his own; he’s been putting on the pounds in the past few months, looks like. Sigh. AND GRAHHH TWO YEARS IN A ROW?! If that happens, I will grahhh… well, I said last year I’d swear off baseball for an entire year, but instead I bought a Sunday plan to Shea, so I don’t know what I can say. But seriously, wtf?!?!?!?! MAN UP METS!!!

  • gansie September 18, 2008  

    i wonder what other athlete blogs are out there…
    i’d totally read:
    john kruk
    misty may/kerry walsh
    TO (don’t start the hate train. still love the birds. but, he’s like my exboyfriend. we had a really great time together, but then he broke my heart. and i still kinda care what he’s been up to. plus, he’s super hot and would write terribly obnoxious and entertaining things.)

  • Alex September 21, 2008  

    I love you Dodgers. I love you food. I love you ‘Dre. (Sorry BS. It’s your own fault.)

  • Ken September 23, 2008  

    I’m just relieved Ethier isn’t getting baseball or food advice from Andruw Jones.

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