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So I started off last week by lambasting the onset of Fall. But now that we had a gross little Indian Summer humid wave this weekend, I’ve decided I’m done with this whole summer thing after all. That and I remembered Fall has its own charms, especially as it relates to food. As we swing into ripe veggie season, ES reader MonkeyBoy sends these beautiful shots of heirloom tomatoes fresh from the garden. Check out those hot black/purple ones!


Did you harvest/cook/consume something picturesque? As always, let us know.

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  • gansie September 15, 2008  

    good god they are gorgeous!
    did you know they would turn out that way or did you just randomly buy some heirlooms? i know nothing about gardening. i just like to eat.

  • MonkeyBoy September 16, 2008  

    I bought the seeds from I wanted to try different stuff and they had a huge selection of all different kinds of tomatoes and peppers. I tried to do a mix of sizes and colors both, which was cool b/c I had a lot of grape and cherry to snack on along with a mix of bigger types.

  • Norm Schoen September 17, 2008  

    Love those heirloom tomatoes

  • Maidelitala September 18, 2008  

    hubba hubba

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