The Hypocrite Gourmet


Now, I’m not some super-major environmentalist, but I can smell a hypocrite.  Sarah Palin, for instance, fits the bill.  She’ll “support” her 17 year old daughter fucking before marriage and getting pregnant and then getting hitched to a boy she may or may not love (although he’s cute), but she will slash funding for less fortunate teen mothers.  Super fucked up.  And if I see any GILF comments, you’ll be in trouble.

Okay, now that I’ve set an example, let’s get back to food.  So Gourmet magazine always touts sustainable this and local that, but you know what – they shrink wrap their mag and put in tons of wasteful inserts.  Now that is some bullshit.

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  • JoeHoya September 11, 2008  

    Even if they weren’t bagging and stuffing, they’re putting out a glossy magazine every month. Not exactly the most environmentally-friendly product on the market.

    One more reason Cook’s Illustrated, with their oh-so-recyclable paper pages and focus on solid cooking instead of lifestyle and image, remains a favorite.

  • gansie September 11, 2008  

    cooks illustrated does rock. i learn a lot by their detailed trial and error stories, but, not surprisingly, i can’t be bothered to follow their super-exact recipes. and because i don’t want to follow them word-for-word, i feel bad using their *perfected* recipes. but, um, maybe i’m the one with the problem here.

  • BS September 11, 2008  

    Cooks Illustrated rocks! It seems so bland but then I can’t believe how caught up I get in their articles. I’m engrossed like it’s a mystery thriller, but I’m reading about how to bread the perfect chicken breast.

  • Maidelitala September 11, 2008  

    I’m APPALLED (!) APPALLED at the comparison of Gourmet magazine to Cat-Hater Palin. I mean, did gourmet mag spend the last week winking at the american public while trying to pull the wool over their eyes? Did Gourmet Mag say “no thanks” to a bridge to nowhere only to build a road to nowhere? Is Gourmet magazine hanging half-skinned wolf carcasses from helicopters, brazenly engaging in executive branch malfeasance? Is Gourmet magazine moving into Cheney’s bunker and using witchy powers to haunt the dreams of 60% of my female friends?
    hey gansie! leave that mag alone (to the tune of “we don’t need no education/ another brick in the wall”)

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