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– 80p let it be known this week that he is not happy with your decision to induce a month of gansie whining by forcing her to cook chicken pot pie. But MonkeyBoy is already salivating:  If you recount make sure you get all 7 of my votes. I’m not letting you cheat me out some good potpie!

While Maidelitala has just one pearl of wisdom: Gansie dear, I beg of you, leave the fried eggs out of the pot pie recipe!


– It must be pick-on-gansie week or something, because Rusty reached back to g’s Roasted Poblano Johhny Cake recipe and let us know how to make it a little less cheat-y with homemade corn muffins.


– Following up on my Truck-Side Dining article, JoeHoya chimed in with some cool new mobile food options in D.C. Check out the full story over on Capital Spice.


– And 64 percent of you think Sarah Palin is most likely to consume moose burgers, but the would-be veep still won’t give us a recipe. Maybe she’ll have some free time now that she’s already done campaigning.

Photos: Funny the World, ES, Capital Spice, AP

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  • Maidelitala September 5, 2008  

    “she loves moose stew” that’s off of the RNC Bio Video about Palin : minute marker 3:44!

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