Egg Post, Just One More Time

Egg Shell

I know, it’s like not even funny anymore. I like eggs. I like eggs for lunch. I like eggs for dinner. I like eggs. Well, I finally decided to do something about it . I wrote about it. The mighty power of the pen. Or something like that.

In my latest feature outside of ES I highlighted the very few places where a DC resident can find an effing egg for lunch (and not covered in mayo in an egg salad, not that I don’t love the sandwich every once in a while.)

Regardless, I beg of you to tell me more places in downtown DC that won’t give me attitude if I order an egg and cheese on a begal.

Oh, and quick story. So one day I was super craving a begal and cream cheese.  I was too lazy to leave the office during what traditionalists would call “breakfast time” (re: ends at 10am) and didn’t make to Loeb’s “New York Deli” until about quarter til 11. Well, I actually started my begal/cream cheese journey a few minutes before I arrived in the promised land of carbs shapped as a donut.

I stopped at – I shit you not – 3 places and every effing place was like:

No, out of bagels.

No, it’s not breakfast anymore.

No, you’re dumb. Go back to Jersey, the state where diners and breakfast food rule

Or it least that’s how it sounded to me.

I finally made it to Loeb’s and knowing they serve a lox platter all day I figured they’d (1) have begals at this hour and (2) serve me a begal with cream cheese.

So I got in line, ordered my begal and cream cheese and it worked! So I’m all gushy, and started telling the line cook about my travels and how excited I am to finally have my dream food realized.

Well, he looks at me and says: “If you got here 15 minutes later I wouldn’t have sold this to you.”

gansie: “Wait, what…but you sell begals all day.”

line cook (owner/manager?): “It’s not worth it.’

gansie: “WHAT?!?!”

line cook: “Why would I waste my time to cream cheese you a begal when I can only charge you two bucks if I can make you pay five times that for the lox platter with a begal and cream cheese.”

gansie: [appalled]

But reluctantly, I included Loeb’s in my egg-for-lunch story. You’ll see.

Daily Sunshine: Breakfast at Lunch [Express]

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  • Maidelitala September 4, 2008  

    similar thing happened to me at Loebs several years ago. I asked for a bagel and cream cheese and the manager/son of the owner(?) actually yelled at me for ordering a bagel and cream cheese. I’m a sweet girl by the way. I’m known for my good behavior towards members of the food service industry, so this was a thoroughly unprovoked attack.

  • Leah September 4, 2008  

    I would like to say I share the obsession with eggs at every meal. My highlights while I lived in DC included: Cheesecake factory (a whole page of eggs, omelettes, etc!!)–stef–you should have known this, as two of our roomates worked there! steak and egg–although slightly shameful to be seen in there at an hour before 11pm–but tell Oz hi from me and he may make you a choc chip pancake on the side… and bagel city—my personal favorite (but it closes early–like 7 or 8pm)

  • Tom Aarons September 4, 2008  

    That egg photo is just phenomenal. It looks like it’s falling through space or something. Wow!

  • BS September 4, 2008  

    One of the things I miss most about the DC area is Eggspectation in Silver Spring – an entire menu full of creative egg dishes, and even more creative egg puns. It’s eggceptional! It’s eggstra special! I’m eggstatic!

  • caroline September 4, 2008  

    When my girlfriend and I were in Baltimore this past weekend we ducked into a coffeeshop around 10 or 11 am. As we were waiting in line one of the cashiers exclaimed, “We sold the last bagel!!” And the other cashier responded, “Yessss! I love this part of the day!” I thought it was odd that they would just stop selling bagels mid-morning, but I guess it is common practice around these parts.

  • Maidelitala September 4, 2008  

    Columbia, Maryland: Bagel Bin – Sells bagels and breakfast all the live long day!

  • Leah September 4, 2008  

    Does Dunkin Donuts count?

  • Maidelitala September 4, 2008  

    It’s not downtown, but So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan is a wonderful little deli… there is also a deli on the same street as Loebs, a little hole in the wall place run by Salvadoran ladies. They serve bagels and eggs all day…. and they do it with a smile while trying to determine where your accent is from. I like that place, I’ll have to get the name.

  • gansie September 4, 2008  

    i was really looking for a local, dc downtown angle. but i’ll take DD any day. (although i HATE their iced coffee)

  • Maidelitala September 4, 2008  

    American Deli on 15th street and Organic-to-go (which replaced High Noon) both serve breakfast sandwiches all day (by all accounts).

  • gansie September 4, 2008  

    thanks for the on-the-ground reporting

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