What the Truck?


We don’t tell you guys to leave ES too often, and when we do, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s only for shameless self-promotion. So if you’ve been needing a little more BS in your life, check out my story on the upscale truck food movement over at CHOW.

I got to interview some pretty awesome chefs from around the country, and of course underwent a thorough investigation into DessertTruck’s menu (read: I used this as an excuse to pig out repeatedly).

Don’t forget to take a look at the delectable slide show.

Truck-Side Dining: The how, why and where of high-end food trucks [CHOW]

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  • JoeHoya September 2, 2008  

    Great article, BS – I read it last night and really enjoyed it.

    Have you done any “research” into On The Fly’s mini-fleet of electric SmartKarts? They’ve got a great thing going and I’ve made it my personal mission to check out all of their offerings before writing about them.

  • BS September 3, 2008  

    No! Tell me more – where are they?

  • JoeHoya September 3, 2008  


    They started out with a brick-and-mortar location in the Results gym on Capitol Hill, but they’ve expanded to include several electric SmartKarts that operate as street vendors.

    The two main locations are 7th and F, NW and 8th and G, NW, and each Kart has a different offering that is co-branded with a local independent restaurants/chains – think Rockland’s, Julia’s Empanadas, Teaism.

    I expect to be posting about them at Capital Spice in the very near future – I’ll let you know when the post goes up.

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