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– Our college eating suggestions brought out a great idea from Yvo:  Easy Mac also came out way, way after I was in college. I can’t say from experience, but, ahem, I hear you can make it without a microwave by, um, running the hot water in the sink as hot as it’ll go for a few minutes, then using that. I would not advise trying this.

I would DEFINITELY advise someone trying this, just so we can know if it works.

– Meanwhile, JakeSG’s tico report got everyone hungry

Pinch o Minch: That all looks amazing. I’d be a tad skeptical of dessert that looks like soap, though.

Britannia disagreed: The jello looks like a piece of bacon, even more appetizing!

– But it was 80’s latest artsy photo that laid down the challenge…

Jeb: We can get a 5 gallon bucket of blackberries for $18 down here in Durham

To which I clearly responded: and what does one do with five gallons of blackberries?

V.V. Good Girl thankfully took the bait: Ohhh…what can you NOT do! I’ve been regretting for weeks my purchase of a pint when I really wanted a huge bucket (the price tag held me back). First, I would eat as many as I could while rinsing (nothing like a warm blackberry). Second, pack in my lunch to mix in with greek yogurt. Third, freeze for smoothies, fancy cocktail ice cube or eat plain on a hot afternoon. Fourth, I make a pretty tasty peach & blackberry cobbler – in a large pan or individual ramekins. Fifth, mash with a fork with some quality maple syrup to pour over pancakes/waffles. Sixth, experiment using in a vinaigrette. Well now you’ve done it BS…I’ll be heading to the Durham farmer’s market Saturday for a bucket. What about an entree with blackberries?!?

How ’bout it, folks? I know one of you has a blackberry entree…

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  • Yvo August 29, 2008  

    I say, YOU try the Easy Mac w/hot tap water method, and then add blackberries to it. Voila! Hahahahaha.

  • JoeHoya August 29, 2008  

    Can’t think of any recipes where the blackberries themselves are the entree, but I know blackberries can be used to make one hell of a reduction with balsamic vinegar (they also work well with port). And that reduction would work really well over duck breasts or pork tenderloin, so maybe that counts?

    I also saw an iced tea with blackberry syrup at the USDA farmers’ market this morning. I was tempted – but at $2 a glass I was able to restrain myself. Especially since I could buy a pint of blackberries for $2 and try to do it myself.

  • gansie August 29, 2008  

    where can you find a pint of bberries for 2 bucks. theyre 4 at mt. p farmers market

  • Very Very Good Girl August 29, 2008  

    I did see some recipes where the blackberries where used as a reduction. Has anyone tried this (either made or tasted)? Our favorite guilty pleasure, Magnolia Grill, featured a feathered version in their cookbook: Roast Squab with Blackberry Essence and Carrot-Thyme Spaetzle. Which is wierd because this is the second time this week I’ve been curious about eating pigeon (just watched No Reservations in Egypt).

  • JoeHoya August 30, 2008  

    I was at the USDA Farmers Market – the Friday Market in the parking lot at USDA. Prices for a lot of the produce were better than at most of the FreshFarm Markets, but it was a pretty unimpressive market on the whole. No dairy sellers, two bakers, one soap, one herbs and two or three produce.

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