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Brit here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the food blogosphere’s elite.

Gastro-grub and canapés? Must be another Monday night on network television. That’s right ES readers, this Monday is the event of the season week, to which you have just been invited. The season 2 premiere of Gossip Girl. Friends of ES, whether you dine at Citronelle in DC, Gilt in NYC or brunch at IHOP (j/k, we know you wouldn’t be caught dead there), these Gossip Girl menu ideas are sure to be a hit with your innermost circle of friends.

Season one of Gossip Girl saw many a fine dish served, more often than not with champagne. Here are a few simple ideas for you to throw together for your very own premiere party:

Have you heard Upper ES-siders? Grilled cheese is all the rage. Try this $50 Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich courtesy of Chuck Bass. OK, so $50 for a grilled cheese is a little much even for me. I’ll be doing my own more affordable take on this and will let you know about it next week.

If you dare, take a jump for more delectable food ideas.

Sushi is the food to be seen eating these days. If you can’t get a reservation at Blair and Nate’s fav restaurant, Geisha, then maybe you should take a shot at ES’s far out sushi ideas. Remember, there’s no fat in frushi!

ES always tries to be ahead of the curve–that’s why we think you should try this take on all things sugar, a Cinnamon Spice Cotton Candy from Chef Christopher Lee of Gilt at NYC’s Palace Hotel.

If however, making this tooth-decaying cotton candy is too much for you, then the only replacement has to be fro-yo. Go to your closest museum steps, the Met perhaps, and scoop on some Mr Yogato or Tangy Sweet. Remember, pinkberry is so out already. OK, they’re all the same effing thing, but don’t tell anyone. Of course you won’t want to miss the show, so a take-home cup will suffice.

That’s all for now, “B” can’t give too many secrets away. All this writing has Brit parched. Someone pour him a drink, perhaps a Veuve Clicquot or a Laurent-Perrier, Rosé of course.

Spotted, Brit drunk out of his britches, maybe he needs some Vitamin Water. He respectfully requests if you have any menu ideas that you would share them in the comments for our gorgeous ES readers.


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  • BS August 28, 2008  

    I don’t know much about gossip girl, but seriously, Vitamin Water is the best cure for a hangover ever – it’s crucial before you go to sleep and when waking up. That or gatorade (they’re really the same thing, right?)

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