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After all of the yolk craziness (check almost any post I’ve written in the past few weeks) I decided to try my hand at an omelet. I know that it has an art of its own and that the way I beat my eggs, swirl them around the pan and dollop ingredients on the egg, is probably all wrong. But I find them delicious nonetheless.

Besides egg dishes being totally luscious, I think they’re great fridge-cleansers as well. 80P and I are away this weekend for yet another wedding (love you Jules!) so I needed to use up some bits and pieces from around the apartment. Of course eggs were to be found, as well as a few other key ingredients, most importantly – Quark.

I bought Quark from the same dairy producer, Keswick Creamery, where I bought the yogurt for the smoothie:

Quark: German – style cream cheese. Smooth and tangy. Products are made with fresh, pasteurized Jersey milk.

And yes, it’s very tangy, and yes, it’s creamy and thick just like cream cheese. Do I think it’s much better than regular cream cheese, eh, not that different. Is their yogurt that much better than the high fructose corn syrup, artificially flavored supermarket yogurt – yes. But I digress.

Post jump – my fridge clearing omelet and some hidden agendas.

Quark and Lox Omelet

Dice just a bit of a red onion (will remain raw) and dice 2 slivers of lox – set aside. Roughly mash half an avocado with salt and pepper – set aside. Beat 2 eggs with salt and pepper – set aside. Heat small pan with butter. Whip eggs for another second and add to the pan.

Now what I do, which is probably not proper, is slip my spatula under the egg, swirl the pan to let the wet egg hit the side of the pan, then push down the eggs that hit the higher-edge of the pan. And repeat like a million times. Please forgive me if this isn’t clear. Maybe you should follow this expert description instead.


When the wet part is almost all cooked, add in the lox and raw red onion, dot it with the Quark and then fold the omelet over. Scoot the omelet onto a plate and top with avocado. P

*Totally Off Topic*

In 2004, a chunk of the ES crew partied our fucking asses off attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston. It’s a little sad this year to be watching the speeches in my PJs and not sneaking into some corporate suite, stealing beers and appetizers, drinking Lynchburg lemonades with Rep. James Clyburn, snagging a photo op with Rob Corddry, hanging out with the CBC at the Cheers bar, watching one of the Heinz boys and Terry McAuliffe introduce the Black Eyed Peas, dancing on stage with Doug E. Fresh…


Why do people think Michelle Obama is an angry black woman? Why does she need to be “softened” ?!?! I mean, this woman is perfect – who doesn’t want to be Michelle Obama when they grow up – male or female. She’s smart, well educated, accomplished, funny, tall, thin, fashionable, a parent, a spouse, rich – I mean, shit. Come on now.

And holy hell, do I love Joe Biden. (Clip from Sept 2007 Dem debate)

[youtube FpPR4VPt47I]

Sorry for the raging Democratic pride. It’s convention time, what can I say.

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  • Maidelitala August 28, 2008  

    Edubs called Michelle Obama “the picture of health…”
    I call her Lady Liberty/surrogate mama
    She really likes peacock blue dresses, huh?

  • Jon August 28, 2008  

    Michelle Obama is the loudmouth girlfriend we’ve all had that picks fights with guys that are 6’7 and covered with tattoos.

  • Maidelitala August 28, 2008  

    ummmm… I’ll handle this: I’ve never had a girlfriend like that; Mccain is not 6’7”; she hardly said a word of criticism about anyone, just expressed her unabashed admiration; and she most certainly isn’t loudmouthed.
    step off

  • Edouble August 28, 2008  

    MB is nowhere near loudmouthed. in fact she’s quite couth. has far more grace than she’s been given credit for. Jon has no evidence for saying otherwise.

    anyway, i’ve gotta try this quark stuff. sounds amazing.

  • Edouble August 28, 2008  

    That’s MO, not MB

  • BS August 28, 2008  

    I’m firmly on the Michelle Obama bandwagon, but–and not to put her in traditional gender role here—can girlfriend cook or not? We’ve heard very little about her kitchen prowess. I want some recipes, Michelle! (or Barack)

  • Camille August 29, 2008  

    I’ve been wondering what quark was ever since I was served a quark sandwich on a flight from Paris to Zurich. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  • Food Fan August 29, 2008  

    Isn’t Quark the name of a Star Trek character?
    I heard Joe Biden can cook up a storm!

  • gansie August 29, 2008  

    hey food fan – i’m ahead of you.
    please click on the 2nd mention of the word “quark”
    and tell me more about biden in the kitchen!

  • Tia August 29, 2008  

    The omelette making description made perfect sense to me.

    As far as the convention…my sister and I were at Invesco yesterday and it was amazing! Didn’t sneak into any corporate anything but we did go to several impromptu concerts along the 16th st mall afterwards (they sucked) and made fun of the yuppies sitting at the outdoor wine bar whining about the music ruining their evening.

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