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Gansie’s upcoming televised debut is causing quit the stir, with passions flaming between the pro- and anti- pot chicken pie people:

Mike Donlon: I am going to vote regular and often (it is allowed). CHICKEN POT PIE

Not Cooking: Pot Pie is a baked-good and a poor measure of COOKING ability. Booo.

With 71 votes in, lasagna has just inched ahead of chicken pot pie, and mac ‘n’ cheese is making a strong move as well. There are 3 days left to vote, so head over to Capital Cooking Show and weigh in.

– In other voting news, it’s a dead heat between the Greek Gazpacho and the Avocado-Sesame Gazpacho in our weekly Who Cooked it Better? Meanwhile, JoeHoya points out some further craziness:

Best gazpacho of all? Poste’s version with heirloom tomatoes from their courtyard garden, a sprinkling of black salt and a dollop of dijon ice cream in the bowl Рhands down.

– But the singular Comment of the Week Award has to go to ES contributor/poet laureate Maidelitala for her flowery description of gansie’s latest runny egg yolk photography:

the glistening deep-vermilion of the tomato/

the coy curl of the shaved scallions/

the erotic gooeyness of a scarcely running yoke.

That’s some haiku shit right there! Way to raise the commenting bar, Maidelitala. And while we’re at it, a very happy birthday to our favorite veggie lactard from the entire ES community.

Photo: Roland

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