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– Everyone’s loving britannia’s Spanish teenager phase, although IOI points out that “the experts ask for a Katxi of Kalimotxo, and don’t expect a fancy glass.”

Who Cooked It Better is shaping up to be a shocker this week, with both pork-y entries falling behind foodie nyc’s glorious goat cheese and fennel dish. Brit just doesn’t understand: “Bacon. Pine nuts. Cheese. FRIED! Why hasn’t this won already?!?!”

– And in case Michael Phelps is still hungry, our readers offer their own take on the very best in Olympic carb-loading foods.

belmontnedina: “What about the Stuffed Pizza Skins from Uno? Only in America would you take a deep dish pizza crust and stuff it with mashed potatoes.”

Liza: “Apparently there is now something called a P-Zone from PIzza Hut that is some combination of pizza and a calzone… like maybe one is on top of the other, I’m not really sure… but seems appropriate for this!”

Tom Aarons: Gold should have gone to the cinnabon! Can one challenge medal results?

Yvo: “My friends and I were trying to come up with a way to deep fry coffee- into donut like things. Every cop’s wet dream, right?” Uh, yes. Someone please invent this and get back to us ASAP.

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  • belmontmedina August 15, 2008  


  • meems August 18, 2008  

    A P’Zone is just a pizza folded in half to look like a calzone.

  • Jon August 28, 2008  

    If you invent deep fried coffee I would like to add myself to your mailing list immediately!

    Until then I’ll have to settle for putting Shake N Bake in my coffee.

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