Now All We Need is Some BBQ Sauce Rain


Yes, this is incredibly wasteful. Yes, we are all going to hell for our disgusting use of god’s creatures. No, there is no real reason why they’re necessary.

I don’t care, Meat Hats are awesome. wans to see your own meaty creations.

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  • JoeHoya August 6, 2008  

    Suddenly wearing fruit as headgear seems far more reasonable (and far less disgusting).

    Say hello to Carne Miranda (Carmen’s cousin).

  • Webomatica August 6, 2008  

    Could there be some practical use for this – say making jerky when wearing a meat-hat out in the hot sun with some marinade?

  • Edouble August 7, 2008  

    way to embolden the vegetarians!!

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