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I finally got my ass over to Spike’s (Top Chef) new burger joint on Cap Hill, Good Stuff Eatery. And to our surprise, Spike was there, passing out burgers while spending equal time adjusting his fedora and flirting with fans. While my bocce team usually heads to the Pour House with the rest of the league, yours truly seriously craved a burger, so we ventured to the nearby Good Stuff. (And one time when we left Pour House we saw Dennis Kucinich eating there with his wife!)

And while we were waiting in line*, Spike got out from behind the counter and had to walk through the long line. And he actually stopped right next to me. I of course took this opportunity to introduce myself and remind him of his LIVE BLOGGING on ES during the season finale (see previous Top Chef link.) He at least acted like he remembered and seemed pleased to meet me. I’m a fan. But, this wouldn’t be a review with out some harsh, maybe unnecessary judgments.


The line* was really fucking long, even after 8:30 at night. Which was one of the complaints, especially coming from bocce teammate, Topper Harley. He also expected “a bigger and greasier” burger. And I’d say out of the 5 of us, the teeny size of the meat was the biggest complaint. Although, honestly, I think it worked (I ordered the regular burger); we’re all just used to massive chunks of beef. Our good friend, 80P repeated the sentiment with an appropriate: “It was good, but Daddy wants two patties,” referring to the DC-fav, 5 Guys. (80 ordered the Uncle D’s Chili ‘n Cheddar: Topped With Spicy Chili, Cheddar Sauce & Green Onions & A Spoonful Of Sour Cream.)

The “dipping bar” was a highlight: Mango mayo (surprisingly amazing, it was just very fresh tasting, not super fruity); Old Bay mayo (a must-have flavor for this area); Sriracha mayo (a hot chili sauce mayo, slight heat and very delicious); and Chipotle mayo (barely tasted of chipotle, yet super addictive.)

As for the mood, Pie-ka left “shocked that there are two TVs showing Fox news,” and none showing ESPN. But this being DC and especially Cap Hill, of course TVs must be set to the cable news channels. (Editors Note: There was one on CNN; one on MSNBC, but two Fox – WTF?!?!)

(Me and Harvey, Spike’s dad, who walked around the restaurant, handing out menus and cleaning up, with Nasty Nati creeping in the background.)

I will leave you with Nasty Nati’s words, “In the end this burger (he ordered the C0lletti’s Smokehouse: Applewood Bacon, Sharp Vermont Cheddar, Fried Vidalia Onion Rings With Chipotle BBQ Sauce) was just like Spike on Top Chef: was pretty promising, and at the end of the day, pretty good, but still disappointing.

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  • BS August 6, 2008  

    sounds like a good deal with all those fancy dipping sauces for free, even if the burger ain’t that big. Plus I love that he calls the ‘shroom burger the “vegetarians are people too burger”

  • 80 Proof August 6, 2008  

    yeah, overall the place was really good. Burgers were cooked just right, don’t see many fast food places leaving some pink in the burger. My chili burger tasted great, but I still wish I had the option of either a bigger patty or two small ones. We were all left a little hungry after dinner.

    I haven’t been for lunch, but I hope they are a little faster, as I saw plenty of people leave instead of waiting to order. The food was ready just a couple of minutes after ordering, so they chefs ain’t the problem.

  • JoeHoya August 6, 2008  

    They do have at least one double patty burger – the Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown has two patties. Frankly, it was too big and unwieldy for my taste.

    If you didn’t try the Blazin’ Barn, you need to get back there. It’s the only really chef-like burger on the menu so far (keep an eye out for others showing up as specials when autumn rolls around), and the flavors are really great – mint, carrot, daikon radish, and some of that sriracha mayo.

    The line (and the attendant wait) are unlikely to go away anytime soon. Their footprint makes it hard to get most of the line inside, and the fact that the food is made to order means everyone’s order takes at least a few minutes to put together.

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