The Ghosts of Gansie’s Pantry


I guess you can call this being lazy. But, shit, its August. If the Post can rationalize a 13-day serial on a 7 year old unsolved murder, than I can surely rehash a few recipes. (Although, like my friend Pie-ka, I’m totally into the salacious story of an intern, a congressman and piss-poor policing.)

Anyway, just like a year ago, I’m still very into bulgur wheat, feta, avocado and putting an egg on anything possible. As I was trying to clear out the fridge before I leave for the Jersey Shore this weekend (!) I saw all of those wondrous ingredients.

Here is the original recipe. The 2008 version subbed salad greens for leftover frozen spinach (previous useage to be seen in upcoming Artsy Photo) and due to sheer laziness, I skipped the onions and garlic part.

I simply re-warmed bulgur and spinach, seasoning with salt and pepper. When heated through, I transfered that to the Tupperware that has previously housed it, then in the same pan fried the egg. While that cooked, I chopped diced half an avocado and some feta. It’s still a hearty, quick and somewhat healthy dinner.

Photo: Sorry! 80’s out of town and I had to use the camera on my cell .

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  • Jennifer August 4, 2008  

    Looks good, I never thought of eggs as a multi/all purpose food!

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