• Jerry Sizzler July 30, 2008  

    1) I love how the motto by the Men’s Health logo is “tons of useful stuff”. Like, “hey, don’t go out getting your common knowledge factoids from free blogs, pay us 39 bucks and we’ll give those to you. We’ll even give you an article about roasting AN ENTIRE HOG”. And, even though hot dogs are made up of parts unknown, they fit into a little bun less than a foot long and don’t require me to run up a tab at an auto body shop or steel mill.
    2) You guys (somebody out there) should do a write up about what a good bagel is supposed to taste like. I’m a west coaster. Nobody there knows to argue about where the best bagels come from or what makes them good. Is it the density or something? Honestly, I’m an English muffin guy. Give me nooks and crannies with that iconic pat of melting butter and I’m “totally tubular, dude”.
    3) Hm. The G8 hypocritical and thoughtless? First I ever heard of it.

  • gansie July 30, 2008  

    J-Sizz – i totally fucking hate english muffins. the taste is almost sour to me. we will have to explore this topping. i think i smell a “great breakfast bread-off!”

  • Sue July 30, 2008  

    Cute picture…


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