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When I tell my ES readers that all will be revealed Monday, I generally mean it, just not this time. So I got a little lazy, sue me. It’s the summer anyways.

Ok, I admit this wasn’t the most revealing mystery food ever. The picture was taken close enough so as to resemble either cat food or wet peanut brittle. The reality? When 80p is cooking, think fish. In this case, salmon.


The picture from last Friday was the precooked version of this recipe. So yes, this is not an ES original, but I know my limits as a chef. I won’t bore you all with the details of the cooking, as I followed the recipe pretty closely. But basically, you slather the fish with mustard and then coat it with crushed coriander seeds, mustard seeds and red pepper flakes. Sear it meat side down for a couple of minutes and then toss in the oven for about 10 minutes. That’s it, nothing fancy.

The taste is a little strange since you think you are eating blackened fish. I kept waiting for the fire in my mouth, never happened. But I do highly recommend this strange coriander and mustard combo.

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  • MissGinsu July 24, 2008  

    That’s salmon? Well, burn my biscuits! I’d ne’r a guessed that one…

  • Yvo July 24, 2008  

    Well, Miss Ginsu, you did get the coriander/red pepper flakes thing right… I was soooo off hahahhaa

  • Leah July 25, 2008  

    what’d u do with the zuchinni?

  • rooms July 25, 2008  

    mmmmmm, looks and sounds delish. I am so hungry right now, I just tried to eat that off the screen.

  • 80 Proof July 25, 2008  

    Leah, Gansie did the Zuchinni. But I think she sauteed them in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. She sauteed them in batches so that each one was laying flat on the skillet. That’s why they all have that nice crisp look to them.

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